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Massage Therapy

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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massages are based on the Oriental meridian system. You can expect this treatment to stimulate your pressure points, which will then rebalance your body and relieve tension stress. You'll enjoy an overall sense of well-being once you're done!

Proven benefits of Shiatsu massages

Enjoy Shiatsu massages at low prices

  • Restores and maintains body energy

  • Reduces stress and tension

  • Improves circulation and headache relief

  • Promotes healing from sprains

  • Reduces stiff necks

  • Alleviates shoulder and back aches

Let the professionals with over 20 years of experience help you relax with a Shiatsu massage. You can add some rosemary oil to prevent scar tissue formation as well. Visit Jane's Spa today at 671 Broad Street for more information.

Calming Shiatsu Massage Treatments

Try our special $500 massage bundle. For that price point, you'll receive ten relaxing 60-minute massage sessions.

All massages start at just $40 and up.

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  • $40 for 30 minutes      

  • $60 for 60 minutes  

  • $90 for 90 minutes