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Scraping therapy, also known as Gua Sha, is a traditional Chinese medical treatment wherein your neck is scraped with a special tool to produce light bruising. Gua Sha is believed to release unhealthy elements from injured areas, as well as stimulate your blood flow and healing processes.

Dependable benefits of Gua Sha

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You'll find the benefits of Gua Sha to be numerous. This technique moves stuck blood to promote normal circulation to your muscles, tissues, and organs directly beneath the surface. You'll notice immediate changes in your pain levels, stiffness, and mobility!


Gua Sha also stimulates the related meridians and outpoints to regulate the dysfunctions of your corresponding organs. Normal metabolic processes are restored by the movement of fluids, as nutrients are carried to your tissues and as metabolic wastes are carried away. Gua Sha also stimulates sweating, so your fevers will be treated more easily.

At Jane's Spa, you can expect professional service from our massage therapists, as we have over 20 years of experience in massage therapy. Stop by 671 Broad Street today to schedule your next appointment! You'll find our pricing to be very reasonable.

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  • $60 for 60 minutes  

  • $90 for 90 minutes

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