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Myo facial release massage

Fascia is your body's structure of connective tissue that holds everything together. To promote a more fluid state for your fascia, our massage therapists can perform myo-facial release massages. Ultimately, you'll be able to move better once we're done.

See results for your fascia with these benefits

Fair pricing on massage services

  • Increased blood flow

  • Encouraged movement of your lymph

  • Improved muscular range of motion

  • Reduced muscle soreness

  • Faster recovery times

  • Higher performance with less pain

You can trust the massage therapists of Jane's Spa to properly release your muscle fascia. With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge needed to keep your fascia healthy. We use specific pressure in specific directions so that your fascia warms and melts, which then allows deeper work to be performed.

Protect Your Body with a Myo-Facial Release Massage

All massages start at the reasonable cost of $40.

Ten 60-minute sessions prepaid for $500

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  • $40 for 30 minutes      

  • $60 for 60 minutes  

  • $90 for 90 minutes