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Massage Therapy

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Deep Tissue Massage

For deep tissue massages, our massage therapists use a firm touch and cross-fiber friction techniques to treat trigger points and to completely relax your body.  Acupressure is applied to specific areas of tension to relieve muscle adhesions. If you suffer from chronic pain, this massage is perfect for you!

Positive effects of deep tissue massages:

Reasonable massage pricing

  • Eliminates stress

  • Relieves tight muscles

  • Clears out body toxins

  • Stops muscle tension

  • Alleviates chronic pain

The massage therapists at Jane's Spa have over 20 years of experience with deep tissue massages. You'll find the prices listed below to be more than reasonable!

Complete Deep Tissue Massages

All massages are available at $40 and up.

Ten 60-minute sessions prepaid for only $500

  • $40 for 30 minutes      

  • $60 for 60 minutes  

  • $90 for 90 minutes

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